HeartSounds - Stethoscope Full Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

thinklabs - electronic stethoscope

This is a VERY COOL gadget. This electronic stethoscope head has a regular electronic outlet so that it can be connected directly to headphones or to your ...

Getting Started: CliniCloud Stethoscope

Tutorial video on how to use the CliniCloud Stethoscope with the CliniCloud App. Available now through the App Store (iOS) and soon Google Play (Android).


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Eko Core Digital Stethoscope - Review

Review of the Eko Core Digital Stethoscope. Check out their website below to watch videos of the stethoscope recordings and to order one for yourself. ***** 1) ...

Review Of A Digital Stethoscope

This is Litmann digital stethoscope with some of good features likes it can send the voice to other stethoscope with blue tooth, displays ECG, displays type of ...

Mobile Stethoscope - an iPhone stethoscope that actually works

http://mobilestethoscope.com: Mobile Stethoscope is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to easily visualize heart and breath sounds. Indispensable ...

Recording setup

How I connect a regular stethoscope to a Logitech USB mic using tube from an old stethoscope and bulbs from eyedroppers.

3M Littmann Learning Institute App Review

This is a video of power point presentation about the Littman Learning Institute App for mobile devices.

Recording procedure for Jabes electronic stethoscope

My Babys Beat - Prenatal Listener App Tutorial

Download at: http://www.mybabysbeat.com Use your iPhone / iPad microphone to listen to your baby's sounds (Heartbeats and other sounds). NO ACCESSORY ...

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